Foundation of good sleep

Naturally breathable bedlinen made from eucalyptus and organic cotton. Vegan inserts made from eucalyptus and kapok

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Comfort and quality in timeless aesthetics

We create home textiles in timeless aesthetics, in collections of products that can be easily matched with one another emphasising own style and character of the interior. Our aim is to design products that are gentle on skin, functional and made from good quality sustainable fibers. We want to offer comfortable products for long-lasting use in everyday life.

Fibres and fabrics

New quality of sleep

"Silky soft"

Smooth eucalyptus fibres and long organic cotton fibers in sateen weave give the fabric silky texture which gets softer with every wash


Moisture-absorbing fabric ensuring comfortable sleeping conditions


Fluffy and soft insert made entirely from plant-based fibers


Does not contain essential oils, naturally resistant to the build-up of mites, mold and fungi

Mix & Match

When designing our collections we incorporate the mix & match approach. This means that all available colours and patterns within a collection can be easily mixed and matched. We believe that this approach helps to emphasize individual style in interiors, preferences of the user or mood. At Husska you do not have to buy bedlinen in sets - sometimes a change of a fitted sheet, duvet cover or a pillowcase is enough to refresh the look of your bedroom. We design our bedlinen thoughtfully so that they can last for years, not only for a season.

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Functional details

Long zippers

Long zippers help to change a duvet cover in a blink of an eye


Large envelope closures

Our pillowcases feature large envelope closures which stops the pillow from moving out of its case.


Functional labels

Our special “feet” labels in fitted sheets and the largest duvets come in handy when putting the sheets on


Protective covers

Protective covers of our pillows keep the core out from getting dirty.