Mix & Match

At Husska we believe that everyone is different and thus we want to give a choice. In line with the mix&match concept we make sure that all colours from the basic collection complement each other and can be easily mixed. Every item of bedlinen is available separately, which enables you to create own colour sets, depending on the need, preference or the need to refresh.

How does it work?

1. Select size and colour of duvet cover

Duvet covers are available in four standard sizes. Each cover features a covered zipper along the entire width of the duvet cover, so that the change of bedlinen is easier than before.

2. Select size and colour of pillowcase

Pillowcases match the sizes of our inserts or other inserts of the same sizing.

3. Select fitted sheet

Fitted sheets have high corners, so that they fit most heights of standard mattresses.

4. Et voilà!

At Husska we design with purpose, so that every composition you create is beautiful - today, and in the future.