Fibers and fabrics

To make our products we use only fibres which meet our standards in terms of quality, comfort of use, durability as well as health- and environment aspects. Husska products are made from carefully selected fibres which are later used to create fabrics (often custom-woven).

When choosing the fibres we aim that they are more gentle to the environment and ethically sourced from animals. We opt for natural fibres with the least adverse impact on the environment.

We resigned from filling our pillows and duvets with polyester, which is harsh for the environment when being produced, used and at the end of its life-cycle and unfavourable to our health (non-breathable fibre causing more perspiration).Below you will find a list of fibres we work with:


Eucalyptus (TencelTM)

Exceptional fibre – naturally soft, breathable, antistatic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Manufactured in a closed-loop system with minimal use of water (even 90% less) and energy as compared to conventional cotton. The fibre is harvested from sustainably managed and certified eucalyptus forests where neither pesticides nor other harmful substances are applied.

Our fibre is certified by Lenzing under the trade name TENCELTM. Certification by this Austrian company with over 100-year experience in the textile industry is a guarantee that the highest environmental standards are applied in the process of making this incredible cellulose fibre.


Organic cotton

Sustainable version of conventionally-grown cotton, harvested based on the processes, which unlike the conventional cotton, meet the sustainable development standards. organic cotton avoids the application of toxic pesticides and insecticides as well as uses less water. This is of great benefit for our planet and workers. Organic cotton relies on more natural harvest cycles, uses natural waterfalls and avoids the application of harsh chemicals. our organic cotton is sourced from GOTS certified entities.



Vegan down – springy and silky-smooth organic fibre in beige-white colour harvested from pods of enormous (60-70-meter high), fast-growing Kapok trees. It is one of the lightest fibres in the world. Valued for its excellent thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties. Owing to its natural wax it is resistant to moisture which prevents from the growth of fungi and mites. Our kapok is harvested from the pods of Kapok trees grown in Indonesia, without the use of pesticides and additional watering.

Textile certificates

We create products that are delicate to skin and gentle to the planet. To support our choices we aim at providing our products with certificates confirming that they were manufactured according to the highest standards both during the production process as well as when harvesting the fibers.


a label which guarantees the biodegradable Tencel fibre was produced according to the highest environmental standards. As a brand we hold a licence from Lenzing which allows us to use their logo Tencel Feels so right on our labels. The licence assures that the eucalyptus used in our products is harvested from sustainably managed forests.


a certificate which guarantees that none of the textile product elements includes substances harmful to health (toxic substances, heavy metals) in line with the standards as per EU regulation REACH.


a certificate assuring that the product was manufactured with respect to the environment, human health and employment rights from the stage of farmland, through following stages leading to the end product manufacture. The certification is given to those products which at least in 70% are made from certified natural environmentally-friendly fibers, and maximum in 10% from synthetic fibers.

Bedlinen from CORE Collection is made from 50% of certified organic cotton fibres and 50% of man-made (synthetically produced) Tencel fibers from eucalyptus wood. In view of that and in line with the applicable regulations it can not be GOTS certified.

We were searching for the perfect blend for a very long time, testing various compositions, taking into account both the aesthetics of the ready fabric as well as its durability. In our opinion, the chosen blend holds the advantages of both fibers - the fabric is durable as well as super-soft and pleasant to skin.


Our suppliers are our partners. They cooperate with us at developing our products and as renowned experts and experienced manufacturers in their fields they not only produce, but also advise taking our values into account. And as we like to know what the production looks like and who stands behind it, we visit our suppliers and their factories, we talk about the production chain, while trying to grow open and future-oriented relationships.

Our bedlinen are made in the northern region of Portugal (Braga) in a factory run from generation to generation for over 70 years. The factory has implemented the water recovery system and reuses between 35-40% of the water consumed in the production, which helps to lower the overall consumption of water in the whole production process.The factory is Fairtrade (Flocert) certified.

Our inserts (duvets and pillows) are made in the western part of Slovenia in a factory experienced in the manufacturing of botanical inserts and inserts for medical use.