"Interpretujemy tekstylia domowe w nowy sposób - delikatne dla skóry, przemyślane i dostępne w stałych kolekcjach pozwalających na komponowanie indywidualnych zestawień. Poprzez nasze tekstylia pomagamy stworzyć harmonijną i komfortową przestrzeń sprzyjającą wypoczynkowi i odprężeniu."

Karolina Brukarczyk-Roguszka, założycielka marki

Husska is a brand of home textiles created to bring products that are comfortable in daily use, timeless in aesthetics and that allow you to create your own colour compositions.

We take a thoughtful approach to creating. We put emphasis on carefully selected fibers and fabrics which leave the least possible negative impact on the environment and are delicate to skin and our health. We strive to design seasonless collections, which is to facilitate conscious purchases. We want to develop products complementing each other, allowing you to build your own collection of home textiles which are made to last.

Our collections:

Bedding. Our bedding comprises a collection of bedlinen (Core Collection) and a collection of inserts (Cocoon Collection). Our Core Collection is made from eucalyptus fiber and organic cotton and is available in 5 colours. Our botanical Cocoon Collection contains pillows filled with kapok and duvets filled with eucalyptus and kapok fibers.



We are convinced that good quality products last longer and retain their aesthetics. Therefore, we carefully select fibres to our textiles. We test various blends and compositions so that the final product is pleasant on the skin as well as long-lasting in use. We cooperate with carefully selected European partners who are experienced in their field and are valued for the quality of manufactured products.


Carefully chosen colours and well-considered patterns are the pillars of our design. Our aim is to give you basic collections in timeless aesthetics and complementary collections in a more sophisticated design. We strive to design our products in such a manner which allows their long-lasting use, regardless of changing trends in interior design and fashion.


We believe that changing bedlinen should be easy. Therefore, we endowed our bedlinen with long zippers instead of buttons. The zipper runs along the entire width of the duvet cover which makes the change of bedlinen very easy. Our fitted sheets include a special “feet” label sewn in which comes in handy when putting the sheets on, a wide elastic band which fits the mattress tight as well as deep corners thanks to which the fitted sheet fits to various height mattresses. Our pillowcases are designed with large envelope closures thanks to which the pillow never gets out.

Fibers and fabrics delicate to skin and gentle to the environment

We believe that what is better for your skin is also better for your health. Therefore, we minimise substances which may cause allergies or which may be skin-irritating. We make our products from fibers which are harvested or made in a more responsible manner. We think that certificates are of great support to the transparency of the processes, so - whenever possible - we use certified fibers and products which guarantee the highest production standards.

Mix & match

We are advocates of compact solutions and we believe that good quality bedlinen are made to last. Therefore, we design our collection in such a way to enable mixing and matching according to own taste and style (or based on our suggestions) depending on the need, mood or just when we need a change in the space. We make sure that all colours available in a collection can be mixed and matched and available in regular sales, not only for one season. Additionally, you can order swatches to see the colours and touch the fabric. Thanks to that the decision-making process in choosing colours to your bedroom is even easier.